Tara Grinna

Tara Grinna ~ Respected in the Swimwear Industry for over 25 years.

Designer Swimwear MADE IN THE USA!

Tara Grinna is well known for her unique use of gorgeous prints and vibrant and exciting color palettes. Tara has the ability to fit and compliment almost any figure type. Her body-flattering silhouettes, are available in a wide range of sizes. Made in the USA, the fabric is resistant to snagging and pilling.

The truly hard to fit woman can easily find her perfect style amongst the wide variety of separates designs. Sophisticated cover-ups can be added to create the perfect ensemble that will allow the transition from beach or pool to a more formal outing where high fashion resort wear is the code. All styles are designed to "fit real women" and address the issues women have when trying to find a flattering swimsuit.

Metompkin Bay
Metompkin Bay
Bora Bora<
Bora Bora
Navy Blue

Blackest Black Solid

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