So what's up with our breasts?

The breasts are composed of delicate tissues that can be severely damaged if not properly supported. Place a weight at the end of a rubber band. The once fat rubber band now becomes stretched and thin, as do the tiny ligaments and vessels of the breast with the weight of the breast tissue. The delicate tissue begins to roll off the chest wall, over the pectoral muscle, and displaces itself under the arm and in the midriff area. A pendulous look begins to develop. This is not healthy as the proper blood flow to the breast is blocked and the tissue under the arm is now being bumped and battered with every movement.

The weight of the breast pulling on the neck can cause diminished blood flow to the head and headaches often occur. The effects of the weight and gravity will also affect posture. The back, just below the neck base, is now put under undue stress. When you try to lift the weight of the breast off the ribcage by shortening your bra strap, either the back band of the bra rides up or painful grooves in the shoulders result.

If the breast is supported and the weight taken off of those ligaments, proper blood flow is restored and the detached and misplaced breast tissue is given the opportunity to rebuild and adhere to the chest wall.

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