Sizing Help

Unfortunately, there is no standardized sizing for lingerie or swimwear. Each country (and company) has its own "bra alphabet" and size scale. This is incredibly confusing for the consumer and retailer, alike. With the measurements that you give us, we can ensure that we send you the correct size for the brand that you are requesting.

You will obtain the most accurate measurement if you ask someone to help you.

Your Ribcage Size is the actual measurement in inches of your ribcage where the bra band sits. Place your hands on the top of your head. The measuring tape should be horizontal and snug. You want the smallest possible reading, so measure on the exhale.

Your Bust measurement is taken while wearing your best fitting bra. Measure across the back band and around the fullest part of your breast. This time the tape should be loose- almost to the point of slipping off while remaining horizontal.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible fit. Please contact us via email or phone with these 2 measurements, your current bra size (US or UK) and your numerical pant size (i.e. 4, 10, 18w, etc...) and we will be happy to help with your selections and answer any questions that you may have.

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